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I can't tell anyone this, even my therapist. Lambast me if you wanr and maybe I even deserve it. I only ask what you would do if you were in my situation. Not what you think "people should" do. What you would REALLY do.

I'm a single mom of 2 boys. 12 and 7. My husband passed away 3 years ago in a work accident. A very large portion of me believe it was a suicide. I can't see him EVER making the mistake he made that caused his death, and he had taken an action just before that which ensured his co-workers weren't in the room. I fully believe he killed himself because of our younger son and no one will ever change my mind.

We were told when I was pregnant that he would have Downs Syndrome. We could handle that. Even if it was severe. It turned out he has a chromosome deletion. His disorder is kind of rare so I won't post which specific one but suffice to say he'll never be anything more than he is now or has ever been.

And what he is, is nothing.

He doesn't appear to have any awareness and never has. His eyes are locked in one position, he doesn't respond to noise, touch, or pain. He is total care. He is capable of nothing. He is tube fed and on oxygen. He is in diapers and will be forever. He makes no sounds, no attempts to communicate. He never even really cried as a baby.

He has never made an attempt to interact with anyone or his environment.

I'm not upset because I got a special needs/"imperfect" child. I feel the way I feel because this...... thing..... takes up 200% of my time and does NOTHING. I didn't get an imperfect child. I didn't get a child.

I don't love him. He doesn't have any personality, there is nothing to love. And yet I'm responsible for him. In addition to his extreme delays he's also medically fragile. Respiratory crises, fecal impactions (his autonomic nervous system doesn't function properly), issues with his G tube, infections, pressure sores no matter WHAT we put him on or how we position him.

Our older son has suffered because his non existent brother has colored everything in his life. He's had medical care get delayed because there's only one of me and hos brother is more critical. We do have a visiting home nurse but only 20 hrs/week and we aren't eligible for more. I was starting law school, I gave up my dreams and my plan for my children for this potato. My older son can't do a lot of things he wants to do because of the youngers need for care and appointments.

The final straw was I heard a sound. I went into Younger Son's room to check, thinking he had forgotten how to breathe again, and saw Older Son hitting him and screaming "You're why I don't have a mother! You're why I don't have a father! You're why I can't have friends over! You're why I can't be in sports! I didn't ask for you and I hope you die!"


Maybe you already know where this is going.

My niece and nephew are the best niece and nephew an uncle could ask for. They're bright, kind, good-natured kids. My niece (who we'll call L), and my nephew (who we'll call W) don't have many games on their PSN account, so being the cool stupid uncle I am, I game them access to my PSN account, to play my far superior collection of games.All was well for about a month. I knew they couldn't buy games on the account because all payments require a card verification number.

But imagine my surprise yesterday when I get this message on facebook...

"A_Sad_Frog, can you check your bank? "

It was my brother in law. L and W's father.

"W is playing Fortnite and he has 65,000 V bucks, is this normal?"

My heart stopped. Their parents are great people, but not particularly savvy with gaming / consoles / microcurrency.I went to my transaction history on PSN, and nearly threw up when I saw this(identifying details have been cropped out):


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