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Of the 20 people returning to compete on season 40, what's everyone's predictions for what edit they are going to receive? A few I have are:

CP's: Rob, Sandra, Parvati, Kim

OTT's: Ben (Possibly Tony)

Purple Edit: Danni :(


So I'm rewatching Cambodia, and at the start of Ep. 9's tribal, Wentworth sits down and says "That fire feels good." Lauren says this exact same thing around the exact same time in EoE. We all initially read it as an attempt to foreshadow her involvement with the firemaking challenge, but I'm now wondering if it was included not simply as a nod to Wentworth's earlier season, but to draw parallels between the two players, especially as they were both the last players voted out of their respective seasons.

Let me know if I'm reading too much into things; it just seems like such a useless, bizarre line to include otherwise.


I have genuinely wanted to know how much different things would have been had there been no edge of extinction. As far as I know:

  • Pre-merge boots would stay the same (except they would not be jury + audience would spend less time on time)

  • Chris would not have won

  • Rick would not have been the biggest threat

So how do you think the story would play out had extinction island not exist. If this helps, complete this boot order: 18th: Reem / 17th: Keith / 16th: Chris / 15th: Rick / 14th: Aubry / 13th: Wendy 12th: ___ / 11th: ___ / 10th: ___ / 9th: ___ / 8th: ___ / 7th: ___ / 6th: ___ / 5th: ___ / 4th: ___ / 3rd: ___ / 2nd: ___ / 1st: ___


One thing many people noticed about this seasons edit, and found extremely strange, was the fact that Kelley David & Wardog were the main characters, yet they ended up leaving so suddenly mid merge. Even people with some long term buildup like Eric left at the start of the merge, and Ron got a solid edit despite not making the finale.

However when we look at the final 5 before Chris returned, we had Gavin & Aurora who were very under edited, Lauren who had a middle of the road edit, Julie who was the known goat, and rick devens the unstoppable OTT force.

I think the editors deliberately chose not to make any of the people in the finale (besides rick) main characters of the season because they didn’t want Chris to come back and plow through deserving big characters. He came back and beat Gavin Victoria & Julie who were presented as goats and nobodies to casuals, and Lauren who was perceived as weak. And then Devens was built up SO much, because Chris “slays” the OTT dragon which should make him look epic.

I think this is why the seasons edit is so unique, with all the main characters being cut before the finale. Typically, the mid merge (the streak of David-Ron’s eliminations) would be the under edited people, but in this rare case it was actually the seasons most developed and complex characters.


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