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It's like that image of the old lady and young lady. I can see this as her neck and her back.

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And what's wrong with poodles?

I don't think you should force someone to go to church. I do think you should talk to her. It could be the crowd she's hanging out with is making her think this way. Could be she just generally hates going to church (getting up early, sitting through a boring sermon) and that makes her feel like she's turning from God. Or she really could be questioning her beliefs.

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His most memorable reaction like that for me was years ago in a kids tournament. The kid's interview was about how much he loved photography. Alex asked what kind of camera he had, and he gave a kind of sheepish answer about using a disposable one.

Alex responded with something along the lines of "Oh, well maybe you can get a real camera some day" and the kid looked crushed.

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Maybe he should have said, "Maybe with this game you can get a better one."

Congratulations on getting it done!

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I'm diagnosed with schizophrenia and I don't really want to love without my cognitive functionality.

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Pray for God to give you the will to live. Sending my prayers.

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Lately every time I send a doc to my printer it has to print a test page first. Fortunately, I'm able to stop the test once it starts and still get the doc printed.

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